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Keeping you safe...

Making our trips COVID-Safe.

After many weeks of planning and organising we have planned out our first two trips since everything came to a grinding halt in March. Safety, as ever, is strongly at the forefront of our minds and so every aspect of our day trips has been looked at and adjusted to ensure every single person who travels can rest assured they are in a safe environment.

It has been a challenge find the most ideal solution, and circumstances are likely to change, but as things stand we will be implementing the following:

Group Pricing

A new pricing system to promote safe group travel whilst ensuring trips are kept as feasible as possible. Rather than age-based pricing, all pricing is now based on group size, since groups will be sat together this allows us to space groups of passengers across the coach more effectively.

Face Coverings

Masks will be required, but only whilst boarding and disembarking. Once you are sat in your seats we welcome you to remove your masks for the journey, though some may wish to keep theirs on.


Seating will be automatically allocated by the team, but rest assured you will always be sat with those in your group (provided you board at the same pickup). Your seat location will be based on which pickup you book since we will be filling the coach from the back first to ensure no passengers will have to pass each other whilst on the coach.

Drinks Service

When you board the coach you will be given your complimentary bottle of water as we won’t be serving on the coach as we normally would since movements will be restricted on the coach.


Hand-sanitisation and temperature checks will be required when you board, this will all be made available to you. We shall also be disinfecting the coach before and after boardings.

Toilet Facilities

The onboard toilet will not be usable with the exception of emergency requirements, instead we shall be making a comfort stop en route to the destination for longer journeys.

We understand that some of these changes may not be to everyone’s taste, but it is for the safety for everyone on the coach, and by adhering to these provisions we will be able to continue providing day trips. As soon as we are in a position to begin relaxing these measures we will do so as we fully intend to return to our normal way of operating when we can.

Finally, we would like to whole-heartedly thank each and everyone of you for your continued support during these uncertain times. We are very much looking forward to welcoming you all onboard again very soon.

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