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25 Oct

Drizzle throughout the day.

11 mph


Sunday 25th October 2020

We’re heading to the historic gem of the West Midlands, host to a diverse mix of shops and activities for all.

Every visit to Stratford would not be complete without finding out more about the English poet and playwright that makes it famous. Shakespeare’s birthplace allows you to visit the house where the world’s most famous playwright was born and grew up to discover more about his early years. Other must-see Shakespeare locations include Hall’s Croft (home to William’s daughter), Nash’s House and New Place (the last chapter in his life), Anne Hathaway’s cottage (a romantic setting) and Mary Arden’s Farm (the childhood home of Shakespeare’s mother).

You’ll be spoilt for choice by Stratford-upon-Avon’s diverse array of shops. Whether you’re treating yourself to something new or buying a gift for someone special,
you can be sure to find it here. The department stores offer a wide range of choice under one roof, whilst big-name clothing and shoe, health and beauty, toys and stationery, and home stores sit alongside a fabulous selection of small independent shops, unique to Stratford-upon-Avon. It’s a shopper’s paradise! The town centre is compact and easily walkable for all.

COVID-19 Safety
After a long break, we are back. In order to keep everyone safe, we will be introducing some new measures for our trips. These include:

  • New pricing for trips. To help us socially distance on the coach and keep the trip as affordable and viable as possible we have introduce pricing based on group size, with discount being applied per person for larger groups.
  • When boarding and walking down the coach we ask that you wear a mask. Once seated we will allow you to remove your masks should you choose to. We will then ask you to put your masks back on once we arrive and we begin to disembark the coach.
  • All seating will be allocated in group. Your seating allocation will be based on which pickup location you choose as we will be filling the coach from the back first to ensure no one will have to pass others on the coach. Groups will have their seating allocated together and each group will be spaced apart across the coach.
  • Your complimentary bottle of water will be handed to you as you board, and we won’t be serving other drinks onboard the coach as we will not be moving down the coach unless absolutely necessary.
  • The onboard toilet will not be available to use unless it is absolutely necessary, we will be making a short stop en route where you will have some time and the opportunity to use facilities.
  • When boarding the vehicle, we will require you to use hand sanitiser (which we will provide).



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Our new pricing aims to allow social distancing between groups on the coach, so everyone in a group will be sat together but away from other groups.

  For groups of 5 or more please get in touch.

  Limited number of tickets available.

  This day trip is subject to booking numbers, terms and conditions apply.



Day Timings
9.45 am 10.30 am 3.00 pm 4.00 pm
Depart from Leicester Arrive in Stratford-upon-Avon Depart from Stratford-upon-Avon Arrive back in Leicester


Day Timings
9.45 am Depart from Leicester
10.30 am Arrive in Stratford-upon-Avon
3.00 pm Depart from Stratford-upon-Avon
4.00 pm Arrive back in Leicester

 Pick ups

We’ll be travelling by Executive Coach provided by Ausden Clark Group. The pickup route has been designed to be as direct as possible so is to minimise the amount of time spent picking up and get you en-route as quickly as possible.

Pick up locations and times
1 9.00 am St. Margaret’s Bus Station, Stand SC
2 9.15 am Thurmaston (ASDA Bus Stop), LE4 8GP
3 9.20 am Syston (Santander Bus Stop), LE7 2JT
4 9.30 am Anstey (Potters Bus stop), LE7 7AT
5 9.35 am Groby (Bus Exchange), LE6 0DA
6 9.40 am Fosse Shopping Park (Behind M&S), LE19 1HQ

  Due to lockdown restrictions, we cannot offer all of our usual pickups or any pickups in the city.

  We ask that you please be at your pick up at least 5 minutes before the departure time.

  For more details about the exact pickup locations click the stop to view on Google Maps or get in touch.



Yes absolutely, but please use rubbish bags provided and alcohol is strictly not allowed to be consumed on board the coach.

By law, children do not need to be in a car seat. Most coaches only have lap belts and therefore a car seat would not be able to be fitted. Children of all ages must have an allocated seat, but they can sit on your lap at the parent’s discretion.

You must be at your pickup point at least 5 minutes before the pickup time as to not disrupt the day’s itinerary and delay other passengers. Due to the nature of coach travel, we will be unable to wait for any passengers who are not at the pickup on time. This also stands for the leave time from our destination, anyone who is not onboard before the agreed departure time will miss the coach departure.

Usually there would be, however, with current social distancing guidelines the toilet onboard the coach will not be in use but we will be making a stop en route in lieu of this.

To ensure our trips are COVID-safe we will be making a comfort stop en route to the destination since onboard amenities such as toilet and refreshments will not be available.

Yes, there will be sufficient space for mobility items, if you have any exceptional storage requirements we ask that you get in touch to discuss these prior to the day – 0116 4030 100.

Anybody under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a travelling adult.

Usually we would be happy to allocate requested seats. However, due to the boarding method we shall be adopting for social distancing safety, everyone on the coach will have their seats automatically allocated to them on the day. The allocations will be made to ensure the coach is filled from the back first whilst maximising the amount of space between groups.

We will require you to wear a mask, but only whilst boarding and alighting the coach, this is to help prevent any spread whilst moving around on the coach. Once you are seating, you are welcome to remove your mask for the duration of the journey should you choose to.

Yes, we will require you to use our hand sanitiser as you board the vehicle. This will just ensure that surfaces remain as safe as possible as you move along the coach during boarding.

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We’re heading to the Stratford-upon-Avon, the historic gem of the West Midlands, host to a diverse mix of shops and activities for all.

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